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Pro Futuro Sport


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PFS is an organization engaged in promoting sports and academic qualities of our Clients to the US coaches in order to help them get offered a scholarship. We estimate the qualities of each Client individually and make their profile that consists of academic, sports and psychological elements, determine the target group of schools that fit the qualities of the athlete we're promoting and recommend him/her to the selected group of coaches. The coaches, based on all the elements listed in the profile and our recommendations, make a decision whether to offer the scholarship and in which amount.

PFS is an organization that promotes and advises young student and athletes (amateur) interested to continue their athletic and academic development in some of high schools, prep academies, junior colleges or universities in the USA. The aim of our services is to help ambitious young people to adequately prepare and present American coaches and educational institutions in order to be offered a greater amount of athletic/academic scholarships.

PFS is a scouting organization that cooperates with thousands of educational institutions throughout the United States. The cooperation with schools and coaches is based on our competence to evaluate the sports quality of the Clients, to guide them through the entire process of preparations (SAT, TOEFL, NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE) and recommend them to target schools that fit their sports and academic qualities. In that way, the coaches get much needed help from us and are able to overcome the obstacles that they might encounter during preparations (SAT, TOEFL, NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE) and they get the right information related to the academic and sports qualities of the athletes, which enables them to make the right decision and offer the scholarship to the candidate they like the most.

The long tradition and a large number of clients from all over the world that every year successfully pass through our program, makes us the largest and most successful organization of its kind in Eastern Europe and one of the largest and most successful throughout the continent. A growing number of clients and associates, collaboration with numerous sporting institutions, associations and celebrities, numerous awards and acknowledgments by U.S. educational institutions as well as the daily commendations and recommendations from clients reflect the reputation and superior quality.


Our vision is to help young athletes discover opportunities to enroll in high schools and universities which will provide them with great academic and sport experience and surely leave an everlasting mark on their future.
Our vision is to shape the rest of our Clients’ lives, which is reflected in our slogan: “Shape your future”. Therefore, apply for our program as soon as possible and help us fulfill our vision!



The primary objective of our company is to help young athletes combine something they cannot do in Europe, and that is sports and education. Our motto, which is there to guide us and reminds us of the purpose of the work we do, read: “Sports and education at the same time”.

The sports system in Europe as well as in the rest of the world is substantially different from the way in which sports are organized in the USA. In all countries of the world other than the USA, the focus of sports is on professionalism. Sports activities take place in clubs which compete in leagues that are in no way connected to educational institutions, and therein lays the problem. The clubs try to achieve the best results and create high-quality athletes, which is why they often demand from young sportsmen to leave school or try external education so that they could have more time for training sessions.

Considering the problem of great space distance between schools, clubs and places of residence, we come to a conclusion, both in theory and in practice that it is literally impossible to seriously engage in sports and education at the same time. In the USA the system is designed differently and the focus is on amateurism, so all sports activities happen within educational institutions (high schools, prep schools, colleges and universities) to overcome aforementioned problems. THEY HAVE MANAGED TO RECONCILE THE IRRECONCILABLE



  • · We advise on how to prepare a video material that will be interesting to the coaches and recommend people who can provide quality camera work and edit the material.
  • · We advise on how to prepare for SAT and TOEFL tests and recommend adequate individuals or institutions to help with those preparations.
  • · We advise on how to register for NCAA Clearinghouse and how to go through this delicate procedure necessary for enrolling in the NCAA universities – until the final status: “APPROVED”.
  • · We advise on NCAA and NAIA regulations and the governing criteria for doing sports at the universities that are under the aegis of respective associations.
  • We advise on the manner of communication with the coaches during the process of recruitment.
  • · We advise on how to fill out the application and acquire numerous paperwork necessary while applying for schools/universities.
  • We advise on the important factors Clients need to pay attention to while choosing the schools (in case you have more than one offer) and recommend the school which we consider to be the best choice (our recommendation is not mandatory and the final decision is yours).
  • We advise on ways to solve all possible problems and dilemmas during every stage of the process and handle the preparation, promotion and selection of adequate schools throughout the whole process.

We advise on applying for an interview at the US embassy and acquisition of all documentation necessary for applying for visa.


Agents work solely with professional athletes and professional clubs while PFS works EXCLUSIVELY with amateur athletes and amateur (educational) institutions and charges its commission EXCLUSIVELY from Clients for the services of promotion and guidance.



  • Athletic Scholarships - we promote your academic and athletic qualities to coaches in the USA with the aim of helping you to get offered the largest possible sports scholarship (up to maximum 100% - so-called full scholarship). Full scholarship covers all expenses of schooling and sporting and refers to the tuition, accommodation, food, training equipment and insurance (universities usually cover insurance while high schools don’t).
  • Academic Scholarships - we promote your academic achievements with the aim of helping you to get offered the largest possible academic scholarship. Academic scholarships usually don’t cover all the expenses, but a part of it (so-called partial scholarships). The cost of education includes tuition, accommodation, food, books, taxes and health insurance.


  • · Introductory talk during which all the details of the entire process are explained, all questions answered and all possible dilemmas resolved. Clients get all the necessary documentation to have it with them all the time. You start preparing video material.
  • You have not yet officially started the process…
  • You have prepared the video material and given it to us. We watch the video and evaluate your quality, the level on which you could compete in the USA and also the expected amount of the scholarship i.e. the sum of money that you will need if we estimate that you will not get the full scholarship. All these assessments are approximate, they are carried out based on long years of experience and they are not always completely correct. We reach the decision about your enrollment into our program. The decision can be positive or negative, meaning you can be either accepted or declined.
  • Based on our evaluation of your qualities, chances and expected costs, you make a final decision on whether to officially become a part of our program.
  • We sign a contract and official cooperation begins.



PFS offers two different programs:

1. Athletic Scholarships program – only for athletes
2. Academic Scholarships program – for regular students


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