How Do You Secure Your Cloud Systems?

How Do You Secure Your Cloud Systems?

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The power of cloud computing is based on the virtualization of hardware and software and its service-oriented architecture. As such, more and more businesses are choosing cloud technology to enable their digital transformation. According to a recent study, in 2020, 85% of companies are expected to host their business processes and data in the cloud. According to another survey, the IT budget, leaving a cloud of companies in Turkey almost 25%; Business continuity, simplifying operational processes, and security are the main reasons why companies prefer cloud. As the popularity of cloud computing increases, it will not be wrong to say that security concerns arising with this new technology have increased at the same rate. As such, the issue of re-evaluating traditional conservation methods and efficiency has begun to come up more frequently.

Secure Your Business

In addition to consumer and financial data, it is inevitable for companies to become targeted against cyber and physical threats, where the cloud environment, which contains lots of information, including intellectual property and trade secrets. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the responsibility for security should be shared jointly between the cloud service provider and companies. Of course, data centers and cloud service providers must have taken all steps to meet mandatory requirements, but businesses must also fulfill some of their duties and responsibilities. Before you move on to the cloud solution, here are some things you should consider to secure your business;

Your competence in data cryptography,

Privacy controls on who can access your data and how long the data can be used and stored,

Personal like GDPR and KVKK; Compliance with laws and regulations regarding ISO 27001 data security,

Technical maintenance and management capacity of the uk colocation service provider you prefer to receive service from.

 Other steps you need to follow regarding the security of your company’s cloud infrastructure can be listed as follows; 

Choose to work with best email hosting that have physical and cybersecurity measures at the point of compatibility with KVKK.

Evaluate your infrastructure resources by determining the authorities and technological infrastructure that will be involved in the implementation of your cloud strategy and determine your company’s competence in this regard.

Make sure all your sensitive data is encrypted before moving your cheap email hosting and applications to the cloud. Although the data center you cooperate has all the necessary encryption measures due to the nature of the server colocation service, taking the same precautions will facilitate your compliance with the privacy policies, legal requirements and legal obligations addressed in the storage and security of sensitive data.

There should be data retention time for sensitive customer personal email hosting. In this context, it is necessary to develop a policy that allows the data to be destroyed programmatically when the period determined according to KVKK ends.

Provide the necessary precautions and controls on creating and implementing security policies by designing the guidelines to be applied within your business.

 For the complete security of your data, you should consider the data center; 

uk colocation

First, choose data centers with increased layers of cybersecurity, such as firewalls, leak tracking, and antivirus.

A complete vulnerability test should be performed. Ensure that these tests, which scan and repair system weaknesses, are performed periodically, daily, weekly, and monthly.

The question whether your data center has documents and certificates that have been developed specifically to ensure the highest data security of the data in the cloud and confirm that they are properly managed, stored, processed, and transmitted.

Today, the main reason for businesses to benefit from information technologies is to increase productivity. It is observed that companies that want to benefit from the advantages provided by Information Technologies to be successful in factors such as low cost, flexibility, speed, and high quality imposed by global competition conditions, increase their investments in this field every year. On the other hand, it will be a good decision for companies to closely follow the developments in the cloud computing area before they invest in this field and to form their IT strategies accordingly.

It is observed that Start-up companies or newly established businesses that want to avoid large initial investment costs tend to use cloud computing and outsourcing. It can be said that, instead of having cloud services especially at SME level and for newly established companies, taking them as a service and the “pay as you use” model is a more attractive option. This situation provides important advantages especially for start-ups. In this way, companies can transfer their resources to their main business areas without the need for high IT investments.

So, why should Start-up companies prefer cloud computing?

Lower costs

Small businesses that avoid costly investments to meet their IT needs save 80% thanks to cloud computing, which eliminates the initial investment cost. However, the maintenance and operational costs needed periodically are eliminated. On the other hand, the fact that the data is located in a modern data center that can meet the needs of the age allows businesses to have a more efficient, easily manageable, and productive infrastructure.

Besides, instead of spending money to protect unused hardware, getting infrastructure services through the data center will enable small businesses to use their budgets more efficiently.

start-ups-why-tech-choose-tech-2-e1575974018671-300×163 Why Startups Prefer Cloud Computing?

Why Startups Should Prefer Cloud Computing?

Flexible and Scalable Structure

Flexible start-ups require a more flexible and rapidly scalable infrastructure in business processes as a result of digitalization. Easy access to cloud-based business applications on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones provides convenience to businesses in management and business processes. On the other hand, cloud computing, which offers the opportunity to increase and decrease the number of servers and storage used depending on the performance need, responds to the flexibility and scalable structure needs of such enterprises.

Easy Collaboration

Today, the workforce is very diverse but physically scattered from time to time. As the storage of data in the cloud will not prevent productivity at the physical distance point, internal communication will be easier, and information and ideas will be shared, and meetings such as brainstorming will become part of daily actions.

High Security

Thanks to Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions offered by cloud technology, data security, and uninterrupted operation of the systems are provided. Therefore, businesses do not lose data in any possible disruption, cyber, or physical threat they may experience in their infrastructure and have uninterrupted business continuity.


Cloud services are homogeneous. With this feature, it enables collective sharing and use of data and information obtained from internal and external sources. In this way, companies that get maximum efficiency in their business processes also get high performance from activities such as following up critical issues such as customer and data management.

 Why Teknotel Cloud Solutions? 

Because of Teknotel,

It offers a wide range of cloud solutions for the needs of organizations of all sizes.

It provides highly customizable cloud mail365 services that can be adapted to the need regardless of the industry in which it operates.

It offers datacenter assurance at the Tier 3+ level with its redundant electricity, air conditioning, and electrical infrastructure.

It implements global standards and multi-layered security protocols to ensure maximum security of data.

By allowing flexible account management, it provides scaling and savings.

Most cloud service providers offer many benefits compared to traditional hosting. However, a strong Data Center infrastructure is a must for you to get the most out of cloud computing. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at world standards, provides business continuity and uninterrupted to companies with Cloud Services in cooperation with global solution partners. In this way, you can access your data, which is important for your business, anytime and anywhere without interruption.