Meet Teknotel’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions!

Meet Teknotel’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions!

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Uninterrupted operation of your systems and protection of your best email hosting are among the priorities for your business continuity. Because any problems that may arise in your infrastructure can have irrecoverable results. According to a recent study on the subject, almost 90% of businesses that lose data due to disaster stop operating within a few years. As such, alternatives such as Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery appear as an inevitable solution for the protection of your company data and IT applications. At this point, knowing the difference between these two cloud technologies is very important to benefit from them at the highest level.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery briefly refers to the protection of critical data and applications of your company against possible disasters by storing them in the cloud. Disaster Recovery, also known as Disaster Recovery, is a type of service in which all systems and information are copied on Cloud Servers so that your corporate business applications can work without interruption and your data is not lost. Disaster Recovery enables the services in your institution’s system room to operate in the cloud environment without any data loss without being affected by hardware failure and security weaknesses in the cloud.

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Teknotel Disaster Recovery Advantages

You do not need a second physical storage area, which eliminates the need for additional hardware and software.

You can easily scale depending on your current business processes and needs.

You can perform backup and other management processes of your data at any place or time where internet access is provided.

At multiple points in Turkey (Istanbul 1, Istanbul, and Ankara 2) you can store your data; you can minimize your risk of failure after the disaster.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup, in other words, cloud backup is the backup of your data on a cheap email hosting server over a public network. With Cloud backup, you will strengthen your data protection strategy while protecting your data without increasing the workload of your IT staff. The backup process is performed daily, weekly, or monthly in the periods you prefer.

Teknotel Cloud Backup Advantages

  1. Fast configuration and easy setup
  2. Automatic and full backup
  3. Instant recovery
  4. Zero data loss
  5. Fast restore
  6. Advanced file transfer
  7. Periodic reporting system
  8. Flexible capacity management


With Veeam® Backup & Replication ™ solution, Teknotel Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Services offer compatibility and security together.

Veeam, which offers the best solutions of the market in terms of rapid access to colocation hosting and accessibility after any interruption, offers numerous advantages in terms of compliance with KVKK and other similar regulations thanks to its uninterrupted operation panels and reports. With Veeam supported Teknotel solutions, regardless of location, you can protect all your data and IT infrastructure with full backup against all kinds of disasters and losses.

Teknotel provides the right solutions by providing a professional cheapest email hosting service to institutions for all business processes that need to work without interruption. While Teknotel’s Tier 3+ standards Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which makes it a tradition to provide quality and professional personal email hosting services to many companies that touch us in our daily lives, offers business continuity and uninterrupted with its Cloud Services based on strong references; It also ensures that your data is securely stored following KVKK.